On New Year's Eve, several people asked me for the recipe of my Roquefort dip, so here it is! smile_party

This is a very simple and delicious dip that you can use with veggies, crackers, and breadsticks. If you only use a dab of cream, you can even use it as a spread  (on crackers for instant) for original and tasty canapés.

For an average bowl, you need: about 60-70g Roquefort (if you buy it in portions, that's about half of one), 2-3 tbspoons of ricotta cheese, and 2-3 tbspoons of single cream.

The utensil that can change it all: P829_mini_whisk

Mash the Roquefort cheese with a fork, and add the ricotta, carry on mixing it together until you get a sort of thick paste, add some cream until you reach the consistency of a mayonnaise (with lumps!). It shouldn't be too creamy or liquid, as it'll be really messy when people start dipping. Do not worry about the lumps, they'll remind everyone there's real 'don't mess with me' cheese in it.
This said, if you really want a smooth texture, you can always use your blender.

Top vegs to go with this dip: chicory leaves (I know, this is not very common, but trust me, these two were meant for each other), cherry-tomatoes, radishes, carrot sticks, etc.
And, as said above, breadsticks are another nice option.

Les légumes conseillés: les feuilles d'endive (le top du top), les tomates cerise, les radis, les bâtonnets de carotte, etc.
Vous pouvez également servir des gressins à y tremper dedans.